Movistar Argentina Applies Advanced Analytics to Data with Comptel

20 October 2015
Comptel’s DATA FASTERMIND™, The Analytics Engine of DATA REFINERY, Enables Telefónica Group Operator to Gain Comprehensive Insights into Service Behaviours and Efficiently Fulfil Lawful Interception Search Requests

Comptel Corporation (OMX Helsinki: CTL1V) today announced that it has started the deployment of Comptel’s DATA FASTERMIND with Movistar Argentina, an operator owned by Telefónica Group, one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. With the advanced analytics solution, Movistar Argentina can now glean real-time insights from its data, to enhance business stream and service monitoring and improve data record searches and reporting to local authorities.

DATA FASTERMIND embeds analytics into operational processes, providing the intelligence to detect deviations in usage data, utilising machine-learning capabilities. This helps the fixed and mobile operator easily perform service monitoring in real time. With the automatic triggering of early warnings, Movistar can react quickly to irregularities and identify root causes to enable faster resolutions. This protects Movistar’s revenue, while helping it plan for system resources against future usage.

DATA FASTERMIND also allows Movistar to comply with lawful interception requirements. The technology enables efficient searches into the operator’s storage capacity, consisting of hundreds of terabytes of data accumulated over the course of 10 years. With Comptel’s solution, Movistar can easily analyse, filter and cross-check users’ information, such as call detail records (CDRs).

Comptel has long been a notable player in the industry when it comes to data processing and providing excellent support, which are the two keys to the success of Movistar’s analytics extension deployment.

“Operators have access to an unparalleled amount of data, which has historically been overlooked or underutilized due to inappropriate processing and integration tools,” said Diego Becker, senior vice president, Americas, Comptel. “Today’s digital age has changed this paradigm. Operators are rethinking their approaches, so they can improve how they drive day-to-day operations and future business.”


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