Comptel Debuts Six Industry Blueprints to Open Minds to the Future Possibilities of Telco

27 October 2015

Ecosystem demonstrations exploring cloud transformation, NFV service orchestration, IoT, agile elastic portfolios and automated contextual engagement to be on display at Nexterday North 

HELSINKI, Finland—19 OCTOBER 2015—Comptel Corporation (OMX Helsinki: CTL1V), along with a broad range of ecosystem partners, including Tech Mahindra, IBM, CloudSense, Hitachi and TATA Consultancy Services, today unveiled six, conceptually innovative industry blueprints to help guide operators’ digital business and IT transformations. The blueprints were created to explore how partners can collaborate to secure the futures of telco industry players.

“The journey to Nexterday will require traditional communications service providers to look at the failings of the past and rethink how their organisations and portfolios address the needs and “experience expectations” of Generation Cloud customers,” said Steve Hateley, Senior Director of Industry and Partner Marketing at Comptel. “Successful navigation of that journey demands fresh approaches to adopting technology – particularly, embracing virtualisation, embedding analytics-driven intelligence in real-time, delivering services, and better understanding how organisational people and processes operate. This multi-layer transformational change, as demonstrated by the Comptel-led industry blueprints, offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for telco players, old and new, to better serve the market and achieve their business goals.”

The six industry blueprints include:

  • Empowering Sales Transformation – for improving accuracy and sales effectiveness. The blueprint shows the power of technical insights when they are integrated with the cloud-based front office. It showcases how collaboration between ecosystem platforms can be leveraged to deliver accurate and timely customer orders and services – leading to lower order fallout, decreased potential for SLA violations and an improved B2B customer experience.
  • Crafting the Virtualised Network & Service Environment – for on-boarding and orchestrating virtual network functions (NFVs). The blueprint outlines how a new VNF can be imported into a service catalog, where it can be blended with other services and presented for consumption by commercial product management.
  • Maintaining Experience in a Virtual World – for dynamic lifecycle and virtual service management. The blueprint highlights how a dynamic service inventory, virtualised infrastructure, complex event processing and order orchestration work seamlessly together, to dynamically scale the virtual environment; removing service-affecting conditions and maintaining the customer experience. 
  • Smart Living with the Internet of Things (IoT) – for improving quality of life through digital innovation. The blueprint provides easy, intelligent and actionable insights for everything from health and security analysis, to the management of the connected home and access to smart city services. 
  • Accelerating the Product Lifecycle – for discovering, optimising and monetising data services in the cloud. The blueprint explores how holistic, intelligent and elastic data product management solutions, based on analytics, policy and charging, can accelerate product lifecycles to satisfy Generation Cloud’s expectations. 
  • Hyper-Personalised Customer Engagement – for driving new revenues through automated intelligent actions. The blueprint examines how to achieve real-time decision orchestration for the upsell of services, by connecting the right context, customer, content and channel with embedded analytics and agile decision-making orchestration.

Comptel’s industry blueprints will be displayed in Nexterday Alley, at Nexterday North, taking place 9-10 November 2015 in Helsinki, Finland.

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  • Attend the telecommunications industry’s “anti-seminar” of the year: Nexterday North, taking place 9-10 November in Helsinki, Finland. Learn how to think ahead, think again and think beyond what it means to be “a typical operator.” Press and analysts can contact to register.


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