Comptel Demonstrates NFV Service Orchestration and Intelligent Data Capabilities at TM Forum Live! 2016

9 May 2016

Catalyst projects with Telefonica and Orange illustrate how to manage complex integrations in NFV deployments and how to improve customer engagement with a sponsored data approach 

HELSINKI, Finland— 9 May 2016—Comptel Corporation (OMX Helsinki: CTL1V) today announced its participation in two TM Forum Catalyst projects: NFV Service Orchestration and Lifecycle Management based on Open Source MANO, championed by Telefonica; and New Business Models with Mobile Sponsored Data, championed by Orange. The Catalysts will be demonstrated at TM Forum Live! In Nice, France, 9-12 May, 2016.

The first Catalyst with Telefonica centres on Open Source MANO (OSM), an ETSI initiative to develop an open source stack for NFV management and orchestration within a hybrid network environment. Comptel contributes its service orchestration capabilities to manage the digital services lifecycle, and to enable the automated deployment and interconnection of cloud and physical resources with business management processes and systems.

“When it comes to NFV deployments, service providers today are running into the issue of compatibility within hybrid network environments,” said Steve Hateley, Senior Director of Industry and Partner Marketing at Comptel. “Through our role in this Catalyst, and our work with its other participants, Comptel aims to accelerate the development of OSM and encourage the industry to recognise the value of evolved and dynamic OSS in open source implementations of NFV.”

The Catalyst with Orange focuses on a sponsored mobile data business model to address the barrier that stands between mobile customers and their service providers when it comes to engagement data costs. It demonstrates a new way to incentivise customers to use an enterprise’s digital services while creating a trustworthy experience, where all data that’s used when a customer engages with a service is paid for by the digital service provider rather than the consumer’s data bundle. Using Comptel’s Intelligent Fast Data capabilities, the Catalyst illustrates how any enterprise can create personalised data offerings for their customers, while collecting usage data and applying policy control.

“Even with the mobile device now being the primary means of engagement by most customers, there is still some inhibition to use it for interaction with service providers because of personal data costs,” said Hateley. “Customers are demanding that we make their lives easier, and if service providers want to boost their standards for customer engagement, they must be able to interact with customers whenever, wherever, on any mobile device – on the customer’s terms.”

TM Forum’s Catalysts are proof-of-concept initiatives that bring together large and small digital and communications service providers and other ecosystem players to develop innovative solutions for common industry challenges. Every six months, new Catalyst projects are developed, culminating in live showcases at TM Forum events such as TM Forum Live!.



  • See each Catalyst in action at TM Forum Live!, – Telefonica and Comptel will present a theatre session on the NFV Service Orchestration and Lifecycle Management based on Open Source MANO Catalyst on Tuesday, May 10, 14:30-14:50. A session on the New Business Models with Mobile Sponsored Data Catalyst will be presented on Wednesday, May 11, 13:40-14:00. Both will take place in the Catalyst Theatre.
  • Learn more about the orchestration capabilities of Comptel’s FLOWONE and Download a copy of the Comptel and Heavy Reading research report, “Digital Service Lifecycle Management: How Communications Service Providers Can Play a Successful Role in the Digital Economy.”
  • Learn more about how Comptel is enabling digital and communications service providers and global enterprises to act on Intelligent Fast Data and watch Comptel’s Intelligent Data webinar to learn more about how the real-time analysis of data is transforming organisations.


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