Comptel Demonstrates Digital Customer Journeys and New Business Models at TM Forum Live! 2017

Comptel Demonstrates Digital Customer Journeys and New Business Models at TM Forum Live! 2017

Comptel participates in two Catalyst project demonstrations illustrating maximised engagement and revenue with predictive customer journeys and new sponsored services business models 

HELSINKI, Finland— 12 May 2017 — Comptel Corporation (NASDAQ OMX Helsinki: CTL1V) today announced its participation in two TM Forum Catalyst projects: New Business Models with Sponsored Data, championed by Orange and NTT; and Maximizing Engagement with Predictive Customer Journeys, championed by Orange, NCell and ArtOfArc. Both Catalysts will be demonstrated at TM Forum Live! 2017 in Nice, France, 15-18, May 2017.

Comptel will present the first Catalyst on sponsored data alongside Comptel with Orange, NTT and others. The participating companies will showcase how the new type of sponsored services business model can help increase the level of communication, customer engagement and revenue in the multi-CSP and multi-brand environment. With centralised independent exchange brokers between CSPs, brands and customers, brands’ services can be onboarded instantaneously with standardised processes and interfaces.  The Catalyst features Comptel Monetizer as the control, charging and reporting point of sponsored data services.

In the second Catalyst titled, “Maximising Engagement with Predictive Customer Journeys.”, Comptel will join Orange, Salesforce and other participants to showcase the importance of carrier engagement and presence during every phase of the digital customer journey. To empower the Catalyst, Comptel has introduced its Next Best Engagement solution which is pre-integrated with Salesforce. The solution embeds Comptel’s Fastermind real-time decisioning engine, which allows service providers to recommend, predict and automate decisions in real-time to define the Next Best Engagement at every touch point of the digital customer journey.

“There are three major imperatives for communications service providers on their way to transforming into digital services providers: finding new business models and partner ecosystems in monetizing their core assets, becoming agile in introducing new digital services, and enabling seamless omni-channel customer experience,” said Niilo Fredrikson, Executive Vice President, Intelligent Data at Comptel.

“In these two Catalysts projects, together with our partners, we lay out and demonstrate the blueprints and principles of how to make those extremely important imperatives a reality. In the Sponsored Data Catalyst project, we are one step closer to making sponsored data business models scalable by removing financial and operational barriers, and enabling instantaneous engagement between brands, CSPs and their customers. The Predictive Customer Journey Catalyst demonstrates how the engagement through the entire customer journey from acquisition and shopping to a mature customer becomes personalized and data driven supercharging conversion rates and customer satisfaction,” continued Fredrikson.



  • See each Catalyst in action at TM Forum Live! – The Catalyst on Sponsored Data will take place on 16:30pm on Monday, May 15th. The Catalyst on Predictive Customer Journeys will take place on 15:00pm on Tuesday, May 16. Both will take place in the Catalyst Theatre.
  • Read more about Comptel’s Next Best Engagement solution with Salesforce by clicking here.


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