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Comptel in Brief



Comptel is an international software and services company specialised in telecommunications and serving any company which has the need for processing staggering amount of data and acting upon it.


Since 1986, Comptel has helped more than 290 service providers across 86 countries meet over one billion subscribers’ communications and infotainment needs. Comptel’s solutions are built on an Event – Analysis – Action strategic framework that leverages the company’s strengths in collecting and analysing Big Data and turning intelligence into opportunities in real time. We process twenty percent of global mobile data.


Comptel’s service fulfillment, mediation, charging and policy control, and predictive social analytics products with implementation and professional services enable service providers to automate customer interactions and other business decisions, to create revenue, reduce costs and lessen churn. Comptel has a global team of over 600 professionals.



“Compelling Conversations on OSS” is written by Comptel Corporation’s team of OSS (operational support systems) and telecom industry experts. The company has delivered its portfolio of Customer Engagement solutions to 280 communications service provider (CSP) customers with over one billion subscribers in 85 countries.

Our blog will offer insights into the telecom sector and discuss global and regional industry news. We’ll also update you on Comptel’s corporate announcements, activities and conversations at industry events and other noteworthy happenings.



Contextual Intelligence for Telco


For communications service providers (CSPs), providing more real-time, personalised and appropriate offers to improve customer engagement and increase ARPU is a challenge. CSPs require a holistic, contextual understanding of individual subscribers’ usage patterns, behaviours and circumstances like location and influencer circles in order to fully maximise their business opportunities. Read more about CIQ4T...


Listen to Heavy Reading analysts Ari Banerjee and Sarah Wallace discuss Comptel’s concept of contextual intelligence in Heavy Reading's podcast.