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Do you want to join a software company on the cutting edge of the digital and communications services? Does today´s hype around business digitalization, mobile life, app economy, cloud based IT, virtualization, big data and analytics inspire and interest you? We do all of that.

We offer exiting challenges and opportunities to grow in every way. Professionally, financially, culturally and socially. Up to your full extent. We offer a truly global business environment for you.

Interested? Search our open job opportunities and positions and fill in an application form. That can be the best work related decision ever. We are eager to hear about you and your story. 


We all take responsibility for success and growth. We believe that the growth and especially exceptional growth in life and business requires always teamwork. Sharing and caring. Supporting and encouraging each other. Going an extra mile or two if needed for each other to reach our goals. Deal by deal, project by project and delivery by delivery. Every day.

We value diversity of thinking - our highly educated multicultural people are our key assets.

We use advanced tools and applications to support collaboration, mobile working and communication of our global work teams. In our regular town halls, all-hands meetings and online sessions and via social enterprise tools like Yammer, employees can always access and ask directly from executives. In our culture leaders eat last and are there for you and your success.

We encourage interaction and foster a professional working environment where opinions and ideas are freely expressed and shared.

One more thing.

Comptel is financially healthy company on its joyride to world-wide market leadership and growth. Join the mission. It will be hard work, fun and rewarding.       


Some facts about us

Average age 

Average length of Comptel career

People with the university or higher education

Male 71%                Female 29%


37 years

4.9 years



We, Comptelians love what we do and with whom we work with. We value peers over perks.
Our values are designed to guide our decisions, way of working and behavior every day. Our ambition is to be a company with high performance culture and engaging employees is key to get there.
We recognize and celebrate exemplary value-based behavior and actions through quarterly Value Champions nominations where employees can nominate peers setting a strong example of living up our values.

These four values live deep in our culture.



  • We are proud and excited about our achievements and the benefits we bring to our customers
  • We support our colleagues with a smile
  • We celebrate our successes
  • We take ownership of our work
  • Having fun is part of our every work day


  • We work as a team and support each other to reach our common goal
  • We communicate and share information in order to speak with one voice
  • We invest our energy in seeking solutions, not in allocating blame
  • We all take responsibility for our success as a company


  • We listen to our customers and serve them with pride
  • We welcome advice and learn from our mistakes
  • We express our opinions and appreciate open and honest feedback
  • We value diversity of thinking and a multicultural personnel is our asset
  • We keep our promises


  • We are proactive and committed; we do it today
  • We focus on the solution, nothing is impossible
  • We have the courage to lead the way
  • We go the extra mile (or two) for the customer


Register Specification

Examples of the open positions at Comptel in the past 6 months:
Senior Software Engineer (Java), Senior FrontEnd Developer, Java Developer, Technical Sales and Solution Architecture, System Analyst, System Analyst, Software Testing Engineer, Solution Architect, Continuous Integration Engineer, IT Systems Specialist, Software Engineer with Java, Senior Manager, Senior System Analyst, Senior Software Engineer (C/C++ Perl or Java), Application Support Engineer, System Analyst/Senior System Analyst, Software Test Engineer, Documentation Specialist, System Analyst, Software Support Engineer, Experienced Java developer in R&D, Experienced UI Test Engineer, Senior Test Engineer in R&D, Summer Trainees, Data Scientist, Data Scientist, Project Manager, Senior Manager, Senior Java Developer, Big Data Architect

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