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Comptel Social Links


Knows what the customer wants

- by improving customer experience-



Comptel Social Links is a world-leading predictive analytics software solution providing communications service providers (CSPs) with the capabilities to drive unparallel business value out of their customer and network data. With Comptel Social Links, CSPs can easily improve and automate the quality and efficiency of every-day decision-making by using predictive analytics, real-time data and facts as opposed to the more traditional human decision-making approach. This enables CSPs to maximize business results at every customer touch point - both in the network and customer-facing business systems - while serving the customers based on their individual needs and preferences.
Automation through machine-learning
Comptel Social Links provides CSPs unique insights and actionable predictions on their customers. Its machine learning methods are applied to the available information on the behaviour, demographics, social interactions, network information, quality of service and contexts of each customer and to keep the applied models up-to-date with minimal effort. This ensures superior operational capabilities and an exceptionally short time–to-business value.
Dive deep into social networks
Social Network Analytics is integrated into all of the Comptel Analytics business applications to further improve the accuracy of predictions. In fact, Comptel Social Links has outperformed competing or existing solutions in over 90% of the cases where it was tested. Automating this intelligence in operational use ensures that the data assets available for the CSPs are optimised for making the best possible decision at all times.

 Business KPI-driven 
The business application suite in Comptel Social Links, comprised of off-the-shelf analytics models, covers the key areas related to monetising the entire customer life-cycle:
Contextual intelligence for CEM
  • Quality of service driven churn prediction
  • Smart throttling
  • Contextual customer experience insights

Customer interaction automation

  • Zero day value prediction
  • Social network insights
  • Demographics prediction
  • Social media insights
  • Product launch
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Best next product prediction
  • Top-up optimization
  • Contextual event triggering
  • Rotational and recurring churn identification
  • Multi-SIM identification
  • Revenue loss prediction
  • Churn / inactivity prediction
  • Churn prevention
  • Social churn prediction
  • Port-out prediction

Analytics for predictive service management 

  • Critical alarm prediction
  • Network issue priorisation
Integration of Comptel Social Links with event data collection systems enables CSPs to tap into a real-time data stream and differentiate with intelligent contextual marketing. In addition, these real-time events predict customer behaviour and preferences from day one of the customer relationship. Comptel Social Links continuously analyses event data from a myriad of different sources, such as xDRs, CRM, top-up data, probes and QoS.

Immediate business results
With deployment times as fast as 4-8 weeks, CSPs can expect to see immediate business results.  The productised use cases are pre-configured and optimised for each operator, complementing the expertise of the CSP with Comptel’s 10+ years of experience in advanced analytics.
Comptel has implemented analytics deployments across the world. Find some examples of the benefits our customers have enjoyed through adopting the Comptel Social Links product below:  
  • Reduction of 25% in churn
  • 75% of churners identified by targeting 10% of customers
  • 14x higher hit-rate in a product marketing campaign
  • 93% of failing network elements found at the top 10%
  • Faster campaigning cycles, from monthly to weekly campaigning

Comptel Social Links benefits in a nutshell
  • Fast time-to-revenue through productised use cases (deployment 4-8 weeks)
  • Best prediction accuracy and better campaign take-up rate
  • Possibility to act proactively
  • Contextual understanding by acting based on the most recent information
  • Operational, faster and proactive campaigning cycles
  • Easy access to data and results with graphical user interface
  • Proactive service management acting before the network failure occurs
  • Automated, smarter and real-time predictive decision-making
  • Easy and smooth OSS/BSS integration