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Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository

Putting the customer at the heart of OSS

In today’s ever-changing service and IT environments, keeping customer data current, consistent and available for sales and customer-facing channels is a real challenge for communications service providers (CSPs).

Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository provides a live and accurate view of subscriber business data, including service configurations and allocated price plans. It allows the CSP to monitor business-critical customer status and activity information across multiple networks, and provides a single point of reference to all interested business functions. The data is dynamically maintained by key operator processes including charging and fulfillment, ensuring that Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository can offer a precise view of the subscriber’s services and charging model.

Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository is fully compatible with other Comptel products. Comptel Charging and Comptel Policy Control can access subscriber price plans and policy and charging control rules to calculate service rates and apply policies. Comptel Fulfillment reconciles subscriber profile changes between Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository and the network.

Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository greatly improves customer visibility and understanding, enabling the CSP to significantly enhance the customer experience, to respond fast to customer behaviour and to anticipate customer needs. The abstraction of subscriber profiles into a central store also provides CSPs with real efficiencies. It supports an agile and lean architecture of customer-facing applications, helping CSPs to manage significant systems management events – such as data migrations when replacing customer-facing applications or network elements.

Comptel Subscriber Profile Repository lets CSPs exploit the value of customer data within their organization and improve the efficiency of all customer-facing applications. It offers a high performance architecture based on the industry standards most relevant to the creation and management of subscriber profiles (3GPP Subscriber Profile Repository [SPR] and the TeleManagement Forum's Information Framework [SID]), but fully extensible to meet CSP-specific business needs.