Delivering the Answers

Delivering the Answers


We at Compel believe in creativity, collaborative problem solving and honest, hard work. We understand that customers and partners want answers. Pragmatic and unique answers to their business critical issues and questions emerging in the perfect storm of digital opportunities and unruly business environment. Sometimes these answers are points of view, technical or business solutions or individual products or services.  

Our answers are divided into the following three categories:

Points of view

Our thoughts and viewpoints on major industry themes, topics and trends that have impact on our customers. 

Superhero solutions

Our comprehensive approaches, technology suites and tool sets with superpowers needed to overcome the challenges, deliver unique value and succeed.

The tools  

Individual technologies, products and services behind the superpowers making your operations smoother, risks smaller, decisions smarter and actions faster.

Comptel - delivering the answers


Nexterday´s business requires excellence on these industry themes and topics. We give you sound advice on how to be successful and what is required to overcome challenges. 
Comptel - Points of view


Our Nexterday´s superhero solutions are on a mission to perfect digital moments and translate them into business moments. Each superhero has a specific set of superpowers to execute dedicated functions and tasks in the bigger picture. They work together, build and combine comprehensive technological architectures to offer united and future-proof solutions for your business. 

Comptel - Superheroes

Data Refinery

The superfacility for intelligent fast data. Captures data-in-motion and uses embedded intelligence to refine it into automated, in-the-moment business decisions and actions.


The ultimate fulfillment suite and ecosystem. Master and automate the orchestration of service and order flows from ground-to-cloud.

Data Fastermind 

Embeds pervasive artificial entelligence, prediction and machine  learning into other solutions.


Business policy and charging tool set. Innovate and design rich data, communication and content service offers at the speed of business. 


One-2-One digital sales channel.
We call our technologies, products, software development kits, services THE TOOLS. Everything you need to power your business efficiently, smoothly and effectively.


Technology platforms and suites

Comptel offers a number of technology platforms that build a tightly integrated, comprehensive and centrally managed foundation to scale, adapt and migrate to Nexterday´s requirements and protect your technology investments better.     



Speed-to-integrate has become one of the key criteria because of the dynamic nature of the business.  Comptel offers a rich family of SoftBlades that are pre-configured, fast-to-integrate and cost-efficient to implement. Plug and play the SoftBlades with the respective technology platforms to expand and enhance based on your technology or business needs. 


Service Kits

Comptel offers a variety of services to make things happen and get them done. A lot of other vendors may outnumber us in service personnel but they can never out-smart us. We scale services smarter- in two ways. 

Firstly, our best practice libraries, project frameworks, working templates and collaboration tools are fine-tuned and optimsed. To ease customer-specific work, we offer a range of software developer kits. 

Secondly, we scale our services smarter through partnering. Strategic, long-term partnerships with IBM, Tech Mahindra, TCS, Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia and the likes renders the question about our capability to deliver irrelevant.