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The way of the exploding data

To handle the immense amount, variety and speed of data, you need a black belt in Data Kwon Do. It’s estimated that mobile data traffic will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 61 percent from 2013 to 2018, reaching 15.9 exabytes per month. A significant contributor to this traffic growth is the Internet of Things: there will be 50 billion connected devices by 2020The speed of information is also accelerating - 90 percent of the world’s information has been created within the last two years.

As technology, software and communication is getting commoditized, more and more business models are based on the value of information itself. Related to that, Gartner predicts that advanced, pervasive and invisible analytics will be one of the top 10 technology trends of 2015.

"The speed of information is also accelerating - 90 percent of the world’s information has been created within the last two years."

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Processing and analyzing information that simultaneously grows in volume, variety and velocity - while maintaining or increasing its veracity and value - presents a huge challenge of complexity both technologically and organizationally. You need to address the following questions:
  • Which information should be collected?
  • Which information should be stored?
  • How it should be analyzed?
  • How the analysis is turned to an opportunity and finally tangible results?
  • How is all this orchestrated, operated and made sustainable in longer term?

These challenges are evident in research from Tele Tech which shows that 95 percent of telco businesses collect and store multi-dimensional customer information, but only 60 percent are able to transform it into usable form. At the same time, 30 percent are able to regularly identify value generation opportunities from it and only 20 percent are able to turn the opportunities into action. If data isn’t integrated, analysed and acted upon across all sources companies will never be able to unlock the true potential of their customers or operations.

The long term challenges can be especially daunting: At the current rate of digital information production, Seagate predicts that by 2016 the world will be producing more digital information than it can easily store. By 2020 a minimum capacity gap of over six zettabytes - nearly double all the data that was produced in 2013 – is predicted.

The world needs novel solutions to manage the information explosion.

Tackle complex problems with systems that are focused, smart and systematic but adaptable. This is how we manage the information explosion:

1.Information is at its most valuable in that specific moment when it’s generated. Focus on real-time.

2.Information is too fast and varied to be analysed manually. Be smart, put the computers to work and apply machine learning algorithms to make sense of and gain value from the information.

3. Make the information processing systematic but adaptable through the automation of data processing, decision-making orchestration and machine learning.

When real-time information is enriched into actions by using automation and machine learning, we call it Intelligent Fast Data. It requires the powers of our superheroes: Data Refinery and Data Fastermind who:

  1. Integrate virtually to any digital data source.

  2. Boast a real-time data processing framework with massive scalability.

  3. Automate all data stream processing and allow an easy orchestration of decision making logics that route the specific data streams to a more detailed analysis.

  4. Embed automated machine learning algorithms that continuously help parse through the data to identify events and patterns of interests. They use these patterns to anticipate future events, identify opportunities and detect threats.

  5. Automatically recommend and trigger actions based on the results of machine learning and data processing.

Intelligent Fast Data manages the information explosion and turns data streams into business opportunities and indispensable insights. Intelligent Fast Data can make an offer for a more attractive data package when the mobile subscriber is running out of quota while watching a movie, notify parents when their child goes for an unexpected adventure after the school or recommend network operations to increase the radio capacity in a specific location due to predicted service degradation caused by an impromptu event.