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Data Refinery


Process any amount of data at a blazing speed. Connect to any technical environment or system. Chat with all data formats. Limitless scalability as your business grows.


Fused with new machine learning: you gain tangible value from the business critical data. Delivery of the data at the right time and to the right destination engine. Monitor the health of your data and get insightful reports of your business performance. 


Live in the moment, learn from the past. Capture the fast intelligent data from the mobile moments and combine them with the related past data: gain unique understanding and value from the winning combination.

Put your lazy data into action

Massive data loads are not a problem with software that handles all your data processing needs in a single, independent software layer and scales as your business and technical environments grow. Data Refinery has the brawn for heavy data lifting, the connectivity to integrate with everything and the brains to refine data into value.

Deriving value from the tremendous volume of data available to CSPs requires both intelligent analysis and intelligent distribution to critical operating processes and systems. The comprehensive mediation functionality delivered by Comptel EventLink 7.0 ensures that complex event data is quickly and efficiently put to use, to improve business performance and the customer experience.

Nancee Ruzicka, president, ICT Intuition

The 1-2-3 of Data Refinery:

1. Beyond traditional billing mediation

Complex event processing (CEP) and refining value out of “Big Data in motion” – data that originates from multiple sources in a real-time environment. The Data Refinery adds intelligence to the data handling, and enables real-time analysis, decisions and actions based on the data going through the system streams. 

2. Automated campaigns

One of the new purposes for the Data Refinery is real-time analysis with decisions and actions to enable automated campaigning processes. This is something that Comptel has implemented for operators all over the world.

The Data Refinery combines real-time usage events with a real-time understanding of the subscription and the subscriber profile and location, for example, like whether the subscriber is roaming. The Data Refinery can accumulate different usages, and combine them with real-time analysis, make more relevant offers to the end customers with optimal timing. 

3. LTE leading the data explosion

Increased data usage is clearly visible to the users and developers of Data Refinery—a Tier 1 operator’s system, for instance, can now process as much as 500 TB of data daily (comparable to the daily usage of Facebook data). 

Data - what a terrible thing to waste

At the core of our Data Refinery you can find Comptel EventLink 7, which is a natural base for the type of intelligent data streaming that is a must in the data universe. With a strong 850+ interface library, Data Refinery integrates smoothly to an incredible number of different data sources such as applications, devices, network elements, cars, houses, databases, smart meters - the internet of things. Data Refinery fetches data in its naked and fastest format, extracts the business critical information from the source without losing a single drop in the process. Both past and the fast data - in structured and unstructured format - is processed smartly to feed your business with the most accurate actions possible.

“Comptel’s solution integrates easily with our billing and network systems, and offers a platform for the efficient and accurate mediation of our broadband services."

Arnoud Klerkx, Director, Applications development, Ziggo.

In bed with intelligence

The beauty of Data Refinery is going beyond mere data integration towards intelligent data and real-time decision making. It adds and embeds brilliant intelligence with advanced machine-learning, reporting and monitoring. Data Refinery collects, enriches, and processes data into value and actions like upsell campaign lists, alarms, notifications, reports, charging and billing. All delivered in the right format and on time to the right destination application. You will constantly gain data that produces a usable outcome.  

"Organizations need to manage how best to filter the huge amounts of data coming from the IoT, social media and wearable devices, and then deliver exactly the right information to the right person, at the right time. Analytics will become deeply, but invisibly embedded everywhere."

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015.


Automatic for the people

All the processing is automated to ensure that Data Refinery can keep up with the endless data flow. Through its incredible machine learning capabilities, it also understands both the fast data and past data. We are convinced that the embedded and integrated intelligence with machine learning needed to run the automation has to be produced in-house, and has to be built-in to the product to truly pave the way to value.
Our product will teach you to trust your data completely, all the while doing the hard processing work for you. The beauty of the system is that you don´t even need to understand all the input data you receive to gain benefits. And what you really will fall in love is the fact that it learns from the previous experiences and actions every single second to only get better.

If you want to get truly cerebral and reap the benefits of the best automated mind on the planet, see what Data Refinery can achieve together with Data Fastermind.

Big players are a big deal

We are proud to serve all the leading digital and communications service provider groups globally, including Vodafone, Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, Bharti Airtel and Etisalat. We have built a significant global footprint by being trustworthy and providing phenomenal scalability while managing all types of complex business-critical environments.

  • We have delivered full-blown and complex data consolidations to 70 customers
  • Full-blown mediation consolidation delivered in 9 months (66 million subscriber network)
  • 50 of our customers have convergent implementations (fixed& mobile, online&offline, prepaid & postpaid)

“Tackling an OSS consolidation project across four countries seemed daunting at first. Yet, Comptel’s single convergent mediation platform proved to offer the scalability and flexibility we needed to manage the more than half a billion transactions crossing our networks daily. We are confident that it will have a positive impact on our operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and business growth.”

Lester Pimentel, CIO, Telefónica Central America.