Delivering the Answers FlowOne


Mastering the orchestration of service and order flows from ground to cloud


Seamlessly orchestrates business flows and eliminates process friction together with industry leading partners. Makes the customer’s buying journey a pure joyride. 


Adapts to the virtual, logical and physical networks which create value for businesses using public, hybrid or a private cloud. Ensures that complexity won’t kill your future and innovation. 


Fast to deploy, easy to integrate and pre-configured to fit like a glove. My SoftBlade sidekicks make sure that you can start slim and grow on the fly to create masterpiece solutions.


Seamless Service Delivery - from Ground to Cloud

FlowOne is Nexterday’s ultimate service orchestration solution. It puts an end to slow and error-prone flows of order management and service delivery. If you want the freedom to design and deliver both services and customer-facing operations without friction, while seamlessly orchestrating the entire process from ground to cloud, you are definitely at the right place. 

With the introduction of a virtualised network and services enabled by Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), you can be well prepared to benefit from much improved agility and competitiveness. FlowOne comes with a guarantee: satisfy cloud-generation customers, and turn digital buying experiences from B2B to business to human. 

Average work time reduced by 40% with a FlowOne solution deployed at Chorus New Zealand

Smooth sailing -
to the Digital buying experience

The digitalised world, where digital and communications service providers run businesses online, requires tools than transcend legacy. FlowOne is highly automated and works seamlessly with online selling and care. It's automated functions eliminate costly errors and guarantee the convenience needed to please your most valuable customers with a digital buying experience that’s connected, contextual and convenient.  Your services are delivered right - the first time.

one flow to master them all

FlowOne is the master that seamlessly connects the traditional flows and processes at the core of the business


With DISCOVERFLOW you can discover, reconcile and monetise technical assets and resources into commercial services.


Using DESIGNFLOW you can convert concepts to deliverable services at the speed-of-business.


SALESFLOW will empower sales efficiency by bridging the gaps between wishes and the feasible reality of sellable offerings.


Through ORDERFLOW you can orchestrate automated order management and activation, giving everyone better transparency and control of customer service orders.


With trusted TROUBLEFLOW, the solution performs dynamic validations and health check-ups throughout the entire order journey, helping to avoid troublesome and toxic order fallouts.


Get back to the thriver’s seat

FlowOne is expandable with SoftBlades that are fast to deploy, easy to integrate and pre-configured to fit like a glove. They zigzag between the flows to execute specific tasks assigned to them. You can command and control them through an intuitive management UI. If you add Data Fastermind to the mix, FlowOne will predict and prevent possible bottlenecks, analyse and anticipate customer demands and recommend new services for them. Your customer will trust you more and reward you with a bigger share of their wallet.

Configure processes and services at warp speed with FlowOne

New service time-to-market dropped from 2 days to 30 minutes at Mobily

“Comptel is a role model partner, and has proven to be an extremely capable, proactive and innovative OSS/BSS solution provider to TDC.”

Peter Trier Schleidt, senior vice president and COO, TDC