Time-Based Mobile Data

FWD is a ground breaking solution for operators to sell and market mobile data. It provides an easy and contextual solution which increases ARPU as your customers will spend more on data.

Mobile data is still sold, packaged and marketed in old fashioned and inflexible ways. Customer should be able to buy a data package right when needed, not having to remember complex codes or making an extra effort to top up. Data plans sold should be understable and purposeful, and user should never experience a bill shock.

FWD provides a channel that can be used by your customers right when they need a connection. FWD offering can be managed fast and flexibly in real time – new products and data packages can be created and published within minutes. The dynamic pricing of FWD optimises the product offering based on analytics & recommendations in real time. This will drive major mobile data revenue opportunities through lowering affordability hurdle and creating effective upselling capabilities.


FWD moves the mobile data purchases into a smartphone. Mobile data connection is available for the users when they use their favorite apps right when needed. The solution makes buying and consuming mobile data on smartphone as simple as making a phone call. Buying data will become instant, natural and contextual.

Solution is simple also for operator. Simply create in real time data packages with internet browser. See the results close to real time, and adapt offer to optimize ARPU. All this without needing to modify anything in the network.


What sets FWD apart is its focus on proactive selling, promoting and marketing of mobile data. It brings modern and familiar internet marketing methodology to the monetization of mobile data. The flexible, dynamic and on-demand mobile sales channel is completely new to the industry.


FWD makes selling and marketing mobile data a breeze. The solution enables dynamic pricing of mobile data products. It will create personal offerings real time, based on the consumer needs.  An innovative sales & marketing platform,is empowered with insightful and actionable analytics to improve and optimize the business. It makes the best possible recommendations that are transparent and understandable to customers. This builds trust and your customers are willing to spend more on mobile data with no fear of a bill shock

FWD is a modern, cloud-based solution. We use the latest and the best technologies to add customer value. Nautrally we have hosted the Software-as-a-Service solution in AWS. Now the solution is commercially available also in Azure.