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At Warp Speed to Revenue


Speed-to-configure and speed-to-offer increase time-to-revenue. Fast Time-to-market achieved.   


The best policy working environment in the world. Spend your time developing and growing your business, not by worrying about technical details or if creating bundles is possible.


Adapts to the deployed environment and handles the business via variety of offers, campaigns and business scenarios. Fully configurable as needed.  


  • Static to ELASTIC

  • Linear to CIRCULAR


  • Mass-marketed to PRECISELY TARGETED


More to monetise than ever but less time to do it

The data big bang continues to change your business while the complexity of individual offerings keeps on increasing. Everybody and everything will be connected, since machines and things are entering the world of connectivity with an incredible speed as well. This upheaval means that traditional Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) is becoming yesterday’s news, since it takes a static approach to a dynamic and expanding world. Today’s modern offer design and launch requires first and foremost a trinity of speed: speed-to-configure, speed-to-offer and speed-to-revenue. Our Monetizer goes beyond the stagnant rules and rules which bring home the bacon: dynamic offers. 

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Put your money where your data is

Traditional voice revenues are whimpering and SMS is becoming the new Morse code. The situation is not desperate, since these means of communication are not going to disappear overnight but are definitely becoming less relevant. However, the inevitable shift towards data-driven voice and messaging is already ongoing, and we have the solution to help you gain value out of the usage data. Monetizer drives the value out of data usage with a keen sense for offers and the ability adapt to a vast number of targeted offers within the right context.

Business value from digital moments

Understanding and tapping into data is the key to running a successful operator business. This means that the offered content needs to be relevant in the right context, since your customers live in digital moments, and you need to serve them within those moments, as unique individuals.  Understand the context, react proactively within the right window of opportunity and deliver the relevant offer for the segment of one. Monetizer together with Data Fastermind brings you the power of predictions, contextual understanding and machine learning to improve your offering stack and keep it flexible.

Say no to policy brutality

Irrelevant content leads to customer discontent. Spending a lot of time thinking about an all-encompassing marketing campaigns or plans that are then targeted to a large number of customer segments a brutal way to approach policy control. First of all, you are losing business since designing and launching new offerings takes way too long. Secondly, your customers are too diverse a group to be bludgeoned with a giant club which contains only static, unresponsive and massive plans. The market is much too heterogeneous and customers too unique in their behaviour for this kind of mass offering approach.
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Approach your customers with grace

The game is about the survival of the fittest offers and the environment. If you think you can combine billing, financing, charging, rating, customer care and policy into one, static system, you are creating a system that produces customer scare. 

Most digital and communications service providers with legacy business support systems can’t manage increasing complexity very well – at least not in the time given by “Generation Cloud” customers. In this case, a typical way out is to cut down on the number of options – to standardise a set of offers. Standardisation has its benefits –but the number of  choices is less which might not give enough options for the customers.

Monetizer will live in a predictive environment that natively combines the charging and policy rules for offer creation and is optimised to respond and react with smartness and grace when necessary. Monetizer is modular and integrates into a variety of core networks and OSS/BSS systems in a flexible manner.

One size fits one

Together with Data Fastermind, Monetizer allows launching a number of agile, micro-level long-tail campaigns that are mass-tailored for smaller customer segments. The era of one-size-fits-all campaigns is vanishing. This is because the offers have become much more complex, including policy and charging rules, rating and OTT services and covering multiple different subscriptions and potentially networks. Just think about the ultimate offer that contains all the required ingredients such as subscription, rating, QoS, monthly fees, cost control, roaming data package, advice of charge, applications and much more, all in one bundle. It’s not an all-you-can-eat buffet, it’s more-than-you-chew overkill.
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