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Operation Nexterday

From yesterday to Nexterday

Yesterday´s playbooks are broken. For many of the digital and communications service providers this is the moment to speed up the transformation and there are only two ways to go through the transformation: leadership or crisis! Operation Nexterday is Comptel´s initiative to innovate and reach the desired stage for succeeding on the day after tomorrow.

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Context-aware and intelligent


Technology, Offering, Sales and Service playbooks will be under the microscope. For example, a research shows that 70% of both B2B and B2C customers are unsatisfied with the digital buying experience they receive from Communications Service Providers. In a post-digital world, service providers need to stop treating customers like it is still 2010.

Of enterprise customers more than 40% is using cloud based infrastructures and services, and this figure is about to climb up to 70-80% in two years’ time. Not all service providers are able to react that fast and will lose. Cloud generation is a game changer, and it will force many to revise their playbooks.

Benchmarks are being set by factors beyond direct competition. Apps, social media, the cloud and the sharing economy are all shaping buyer expectations. Marketing and selling strategies need to be based on granular, dynamic and in-the-moment assessments of buyers’ contextual needs, behaviours and market dynamics. Additionally, their technological and operational capabilities need to follow suit.

Today’s digital and communications service providers have a full plate. Their challenge is to adapt in a crowded marketplace shared by App, Sharing, Social economy, over-the-top (OTT) players and other emerging digital services and IT providers. Many need to admit the unique value they have carried in the past is melting down. Business has become unruly.


We at Comptel initiated our transformation project to overcome hurdles and be competitive also on the day after tomorrow - NEXTERDAY. 

NEXTERDAY is a desired stage where we are able to deliver unique value and capabilties to succeed and survive in a fast-evolving market, put a smile on the customer´s face and capture their hearts, minds and wallets. We urge and encourage everyone to start implementing their own “Operation Nexterday,” which defines how to conduct business on the day after tomorrow in the post-digital era and serve Generation Cloud customers.

Our operation NEXTERDAY framework gives direction and focus on four major forces and their sub-forces that will deicde whether service providers will adapt or fall behind. 

Technically speaking all these four forces raise the following question: how do you manage the inevitable complexity and friction. The answer: by choosing technologies and processes that are designed to eliminate these hurdles. One thing is sure. The era of operational inflexibility and fixed, hard-coded models is over.
Comptel - operation nexterday
Comptel - operation nexterday

#1. Digital buying experience for the generation cloud customers

The post-digital era has introduced a major power shift from sellers to buyers (end users). Customers want to try, buy, rent, use and dispose digital content and services at hyperspeed on their own terms and engage through the medium of their choice. They also want only to receive individually relevant recommendations in-their-moments.

Cloud Generation´s “trusted advisor” is Google, online social circles and discussions – but not brands. No one tolerates businesses violating their time, so we need to stop interrupting with outbound sales and marketing and learning helpifying buyers. Old divisions betwee B2C and B2B customers are also converging. B2B buyers want the same convenient, contextual and connected buying experiences as consumers. Why would they accept something worse?

Value built on relevancy


Finally we will start seeing a shift toward a “Segment of One,” where buyers’ individual digital and mobile moments are identified and analysed as they happen and recommendations are defined accordingly without any delay. Nexterday calls for a drift away from costly and unsuccessful one-size-fits-all promotions. Instead, it urges you to learn to use intelligent fast data, create contextual segments and in-the-moment offers, implement action automation and close the loop with the perfect service and order fulfillment.   

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#2: Monetizing more with less time

Good news. Digital and communications service providers have more monetisation opportunities at their fingertips today than ever before. However, they have less time to seize these opportunities and develop new offerings.

Time has become the main business asset. According to studies, Communications Service Providers still need four to eight months on average to develop and launch a new commercial service. On Nexterday this kind of slowness will kill business. We have already come to an inflection point where new speed-to-offer targets must be set to minutes instead of months. 

A need for context-aware, dynamically customised mobile data packages has encouraged operators to seek for new, disruptive tools and capabilities beyond traditional policy and charging solutions. Many have realized that with current solutions, surviving in Nexterday will be hard.
Gartner predicts that in the year 2017, majority of CSPs are acting as platform providers building service ecosystems around their technology platforms. We will sell apps, digital content and services beyond own control. This requires systems and technologies to be granular, open and easy to integrate while hiding the complexity and normalising it to business users and product management. We need to apply principles of mass tailoring on the fly. A capability that no one has never needed before. Everyone sees the data and digital service monetising opportunities but the old set of tools does not allow them to seize these opportunities. Sophisticated data monetising, policy and charging solutions, supported hand-in-hand by real-time business reporting, will enable digital and communications service providers to test and bring new service offerings to the market at the speed of Nexterday´s business.

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#3: Orchestration everything from Ground to cloud.

Any conversation about infrastructure transformation inevitably must discuss the impact of Network Function Virtualisation (NFV), particularly on telecommunications. NFV brings compelling opportunities for greater agility, scalability, flexibility and the ability to create new services and serve complex environments.

This year will be the year when many operators start tearing down their legacy infrastructures and embrace NFV as a strategy to speed things up. Those remaining on the fence will need to make a decision soon, because the competition is passing them by.

Many more operators also recognise that the virtualisation revolution affects more than the network, but also entire business systems, such as front-office CRM platforms and the whole service capability layer. That change in focus will drive a more clear direction for the future of NFV and encourage more decisive action, leading to a faster evolution of the industry’s infrastructure.
Virtualisation will bring savings, simplicity and flexibility, but legacy infrastructure still remains crucial for business. The new normal is all about managing a hybrid and more complex environment from Ground-to-Cloud.

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#4: Bye bye BIG data, Hello intelligent fast data 

It is the make-or-break time for Big Data and analytics. Costs and C-level frustration are mounting, and proven business cases and value from analytics must be seen fast. The whole paradigm needs to shift from the Stop-Store-Find-Analyse-Decide-Do approach to one in which data is refined and analysed simultaneously as it flows, actions are taken automatically and insights are drawn instantly.

Of particular importance is “invisible intelligence” hidden in every layer of customer interactions, operations and technology infrastructure, which if leveraged, grants a significant competitive advantage. Gartner describes “advanced, pervasive and invisible analytics” as those embedded within a new range of sources, including wearables, social media and the Internet of Things (IoT).These sources all yield crude data that, when refined, can better inform everything from CSPs’ marketing campaigns to IT operations and business decisions. In 2015, a new technology layer – one we like to call the “Data Refinery” – was added to corral and synthesise Big Data into automated and accurate actions. 

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