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Orchestration from Ground to Cloud

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Generation-Cloud means it's time to evolve to the expectations of customers and create demand for agile new services.

Who owns the customer, or is the customer in control!

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An online multi-channel approach for today’s ‘connected’ customers to research, select, buy and manage communication services has driven the imperative need for intelligent and contextual automation from the first engagement through to service delivery and the ever increasing dynamic service lifecycle.

Comptel believes that the digital buying experience will revolutionise the way service providers think about creating and orchestrating the delivery of services.

"Today’s highly targeted digital buying experience favours personalisation, hyper-connectivity and instant gratification, as well as self-care and empowerment."

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Should service providers manage customers or empower them - is CRM changing forever?

Customers are demanding more bespoke experiences aligned with specific Enterprise needs or their lifestyles and this has to be reflected across process architectures. The move to a more ‘conversational’ and dynamic approach which embraces both social integration and mobility, requires a different tactic for CRM and sales automation. Mass market residential fulfillment architectures don’t work for Enterprise customers and services. However, the level of tailored service configuration in the Enterprise is exactly the type of experience that everyone wants.

"CSP's would benefit from making their offerings business to human, using common approaches regardless of them being for the Enterprise, a family or an individual."

Comptel believes that residential services and buying patterns will become as complicated as those for Enterprises.


"A transformative approach to building and delivering services requires more than network-facing configuration and fulfillment. It needs holistic orchestration that considers all customer service touch points, from the physical network to the sales interface."

How close are the clouds to the ground, does everything change?

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"Cloud technology represents the ideal platform for transforming the customer-facing front office. Moving to the public cloud enables better customer interaction and collaboration; additionally, it can improve the mobility and effectiveness of sales teams and processes."

Whilst back-office and front-office cloud transformations continue, consolidation, automation and operational effectiveness remain as the focus but could CSPs look further?

Cloud technology has been proven in terms of scale, reach, reliability and security - ideal for the customer-facing front-office. However, moving to the public cloud increases opportunity for better customer interaction and collaboration, plus it can improve the mobility and effectiveness of sales teams and sales processes.

A comprehensive transformative approach to building and delivering services requires more than network-facing operations and fulfillment, it needs holistic orchestration which considers all touch points for the customer service from the physical network, through to the sales interface. Additionally, it should operate in a hybrid-cloud environment which allows for a realistic and gradual migration of services, and above all it should be accurate – first time.

Comptel believes that the technological shift creates an environment in which the service lifecycle can be in harmony with that of customers and the Enterprise. It will form the next generation digital service foundation - needed by the next generation buying and delivery approach.

New approaches require new architectures, new industry standards, new solutions, new thinking

"Digital and communications service providers are faced with serious challenges in meeting the fundamental objectives of service orchestration platforms."

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The idea of the network being ‘programmed’ to enable flexibility and innovation is not new. What is new however, is the clear separation of physical infrastructure from the IP forwarding and service control platforms. Never before has it been possible to make a compelling case for reducing both capital and operational costs whilst providing an innovation opportunity that has never been witnessed. Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) are challenging legacy approaches to service design, delivery, management and assurance.

Comptel believes this creates an opportunity for service providers to consider NFV technology as an over-the-top service they control, which gives them a revolutionary opportunity for innovation and customer intimacy.


Connecting the ground to the cloud with FlowOne

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"Operators need an automated, end-to-end approach to orchestration that supports service complexity and volume in a single solution – and that controls and guides the flow of network, service and customer data through the most challenging of processes."

CSPs need to minimise the cost of service delivery, minimise the impact of service delivery fallout, maximise resource efficiency around just in time models, maximise reuse and automation and above all, deliver a great customer experience whilst the customer is changing and the operational landscape is evolving.

Comptel believes that service providers are faced with very difficult challenges in meeting the fundamental objectives of service orchestration platforms.

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FlowOne™ is an orchestration suite and eco-system of industry leading partners, which is built around the core values and principles that allow service providers to meet the ground to cloud challenges head-on.

Be it traditional Enterprise, mobile and residential products or for the exciting world of next generation digital services FlowOne provides core technology which uniquely blends the capability to support service complexity and volume in a single solution. 

FlowOne controls and guides the flow of network, service and customer data through the most challenging of orchestration processes as they expose the services created in the ground to the digital buying experience in the cloud.