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Comptel is an international software company specialising in telecommunications. We develop, sell and deliver software products and related services which enhance the business of telecom operators.

Life is digital moments.

Digital demand will be driven by “Generation Cloud” customers and enterprises interacting with millions of digital applications. The Internet of Things with billions of connected devices will further accelerate the digital demand leading to exploding  data volumes. Future mobile and fixed networks will provide hyper speeds and undergo a transformation from hardware to software. Network functions will be virtualised. Mounting  complexity will require orchestration of business flows and virtualised resources.

Our mission at Comptel is to perfect these moments by transforming the way you serve, meet and respond to needs of “Generation Cloud” customers and connect digital demand and supply.

Comptel has been at the core of delivering digital and communication services to more than 1 billion people and businesses. Every day, we take care of more than 20% of the world’s mobile usage data. Over the years, almost 300 digital service and communications providers in 90 countries have trusted us to manage complexity and reduce friction in their most critical processes, to perfect their business and the digital moments of their customers.


Profitability continued to improve in the third quarter. Comptel specifies its future outlook.

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Comptel Corporation will publish its financial statements for 2016 on Friday 17 February 2017. 

Comptel Corporation's Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on Tuesday 4 April 2017.

In 2017, Comptel Corporation will publish interim reports as follows: 

January - March on Friday 21 April 2017

January - June on Tuesday 18 July 2017

January - September on Friday 20 October 2017

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