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Comptel is an international software company specialising in telecommunications. We develop, sell and deliver software products and related services which enhance the business of telecom operators.

Strategy and long term targets

our strategy

Life is digital moments. Digital demand will be driven by "Generation Cloud" customers and enterprises interacting with millions of digital applications. The Internet of Things with billions of connected devices will further accelerate the digital demand leading to exploding data volumes. Future mobile and fixed networks will provide hyper speeds and undergo a transformation from hardware to software. Network functions will be virtualised. Mounting complexity will require orchestration of business flows and virtualized resources.


Comptel mission is to perfect the digital moments and translate them into business moments by connecting digital demand and supply.


The Comptel strategy focuses on providing solutions for digital and communications service providers in two major areas - Intelligent Data and Service Orchestration. The Intelligent Data business delivers solutions and services to customers for monetizing data and turning big data into intelligent automated actions. The Service Orchestration business area provides solutions and services for business flow orchestration and mastering the digital buying experience.


Comptel's strategic target is to establish itself as a leading software vendor for connecting digital demand and supply.


Strategy execution is based on six strategic objectives:


  • Solutions with unique value
  • Thought leadership
  • Customer excellence
  • New markets
  • Leverage by partners
  • Inspired people


Comptel´s marketing strategy strives for industry thought leadership on carefully selected themes and topics which are:


  • Digital Buying Experience
  • Monetising more with less time
  • Orchestration of service and order flows from ground to cloud
  • Intelligent fast data

The essence of Comptel's thought leadership is captured in the book "Operation Nexterday" that was launched in Barcelona's Mobile World Congress in March 2015.



Comptel's strategic target is to establish itself as a leading software vendor for connecting digital demand and supply.

The long term financial goal is to accelerate the organic annual revenue growth to over 10% with an operating profit margin of 10 - 15%.  Comptel will also continue to evaluate non-organic growth options during the strategy period.



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