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Operation Nexterday


For a short while we considered “The new Bible” as the title but found it to be a bit too bold even by our standards. But let this association demonstrate you how important we think this book is.

So you´re planning to read only one book this year and wonder what book that might be? Our suggestion is simple. Read The Book. This is our wake up call. A must read if you need the most effective answers to the most critical questions. And who does not.


This book was made because sharing is caring. We have moved to a post-digital world where the old rules don´t apply anymore. We want you to know what it takes to win the hearts and minds of generation cloud. We want you to learn what´s the winning business model in the new era. You deserve to know which new technologies deserve your investment priority. You need to be aware of how the flood of Big Data can be turned into relevant decisions and actions. 



You don´t judge a book by its cover. You judge a book by it´s content. We believe that the content in The Book is amazing. It has been written by exceptionally visionary professionals, many of them working for and with Comptel. They want to share their insights with you, because they want your business to thrive and flourish. They share a tremendous passion and drive to get the message out. Their aim is to help you drive more revenue from those digital moments that we all encounter in the everyday life.


In the big picture, the book is about NEXTERDAY. NEXTERDAY is our phrase for our own transformation project that helps us stay competitive also on the day after tomorrow. NEXTERDAY is a stage where we are able to deliver unique value and capabilities to succeed and survive in a fast-evolving market. Once you have read it from cover to cover, you have a clear vision of how to implement your very own “Nexterday”. You should have a clear path (or at least much clearer than before) about how to conduct successful post-digital business with Generation Cloud.


The book consists of four independent chapters that fulfill and complete each other.


In Chapter one we dig into the digital buying experience. You will learn simple approaches to problems that seem unnecessarily complex at a first glance. You learn the tactics of how Digital and Communications Service Providers win over Consumers. We will walk you thorough an example case of how one Company got 11 million new customers by understanding how the mind of Generation Cloud works and changed their business strategy based on that knowledge. This just one example of the juicy bits: there's a bunch of other cool stuff that will help you grow.




In Chapter two we give you post-Digital Tricks of the Trade. We teach you the simple rules of how the Mobile OTT Movement can be capitalized. WE give you five more concrete ways of how to Monetise your customers' digital moments. We tell you how to easily manage Monetisation - a task that at first might seem complex. And a host of other cool stuff that will help your business grow.




In Chapter three we focus on orchestration. We give you a case example of how nearly a million homes were connected to an Ultra-Fast Broadband with an amazingly short time period. You´ll learn how to redefine Business and Operational Processes in the framework of the post-digitalised world. We give you guidelines on how to assemble the Ultimate Orchestration and how to manage order fallout. And of course a pile of other cool stuff that will help your business grow.




In Chapter four we dig into real-time marketing and all the fascinating aspects and opportunities arising from it. You'll  learn how e.g. insurance companies can detect anomalies through machine learning. We explain thoroughly why you must adopt Intelligent Fast Data as part of your business strategy. We reveal how understanding Fast Data paves the way to Nexterday. And oh, we almost forgot– you'll learn a plethora of other cool stuff too in this last chapter!


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We are extremely proud of all the people who contributed to this book. If you feel that you would like to get a live presentation of some of the topics, please feel free to fill in this form and we send the author of that topic to speak to the premises of your choice about the subject. After all, there is A LOT to absorb in this book.