The Tools Comptel Social Links

Comptel Social Links

     Key benefits:

  • Native integration to EventLink for fast data analytics: automated input data stream, real-time analytics results, no big data investments required

  • Fulfills different analytics needs ranging from off-the-shelf to development kits

  • Library of productised business applications, ready to be deployed

  • Utilise up-to-date predictive customer value profiles as part of Customer Experience Management (CEM), customer service or campaigning


“Customers are at the heart of our business, and catering to their interests has always been a key goal for us. With Comptel Social Links, we’re confident that we can achieve an even higher level of customer satisfaction by amplifying our marketing campaigns with truly comprehensive insights into their behaviours, needs and desires. The benefits Comptel Social Links will bring are boundless, and we’re looking forward to seeing the results.”

Robi Axiata Limited

Our vision is to bring advanced analytics easily as a part of everyday decision-making, even if you are not a data scientist. This we do by developing the following capabilities: 

Fast Data Analytics for faster analytics results

We want to make sure that enriching real-time event data with business relevant predictions is as easy and light as possible. For this, we integrate to real-time data streams eliminating the need for time-consuming data collection. Instead, we provide analytics results already from day one!  This enables digital and service communications providers to do some pretty cool stuff like spot revenue opportunities and threats on an individual customer level. 

Self-Service Analytics for model development and workflow automation

Our tool has been created by our own data scientists and engineers, who have been crunching big data analytics for over a decade – before it was even called big data analytics. With our Analytics Development Kit, data scientists can use R, SQL, and Java for modelling, utilize ready-made predictors, created specifically for advanced analytics needs, and create workflows for automating the models. Get innovative with your data!

Big Data Analytics for off-the-shelf data science

In case digital and service communications providers lack data scientist resources, we also offer a library of productized business applications, which capsulate our 10+ years of experience in advanced and social network analytics in Telco – we know what data is relevant and how to enrich it. These business applications are used to solve targeted business problems in the areas of Predictive Service Maintenance, Contextual Intelligence for CEM, and Customer Interaction Automation. With Social Links, orchestrating advanced analytics is as easy as a push of a button. 

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