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EventLink Softblades

Key benefits:

Comptel EventLink SoftBlades are a family of modular and easy-to-integrate extensions/add-ons built on top of the EventLink technology. 

  • They use natively the same set of systems tools as other mediation streams, for example, Stream Designer for building workflows. 

  • The SoftBlades come equipped with a rich set of reports to provide business critical information for internal and external stakeholders.

  • Easy deployment without the need for significant additional hardware and competences

  • Monetizer and Comptel Policy and Charging Control use the same multi-talented Comptel EventLink technology

Comptel - EventLinkSoftblades

EventLink SoftBlades are a convenient and efficent way to expand the already impressive features of EventLink. They are used by  all leading mobile operator groups such as Vodafone, Telefonica, Etisalat, Deutsche Telekom, Bharti Airtel and TDC. 

Real-Time Decisioning (RTD) Logic Engine Softblade

Manage real-time decision making logics, such as customer experience management (CEM) or real-time automated campaigning.

Centralised access to data

The SoftBlade is convergent by nature and can tap into any data source, such as usage, location, network performance, application, probe/signalling data cost efficiently. The SoftBlade provides a consolidated real-time access to the data with its integration and correlation capabilities to give you a holistic view of the end customer experience.. But what’s the next step? 
Comptel - Likely_adopters

Automate and be responsive

The Comptel approach shifts the focus from the reactive below-the-line-batch-marketing to a proactive way of providing the most attractive offers at the right time. This increases customer satisfaction and maximises revenue streams from marketing engagements. The RTD SoftBlade handles or complex event processing (CEP) and real-time decisions that are needed to fulfill this vision.

You can automate the processes and make campaigning more responsive through real-time contextual engagement as opposed to the out-dated and time-consuming stop-store-analyse-launch approach  Offer your customers the right service package with the best quality offered when they need it. 

Live campaigns

Turn data streams into opportunities and increase revenue by orchestrating decision making logics and actions easily into Comptel EventLink streams. The example logic in the figure enables monitoring of data streams that are related subscribers who have a 4G capable device but no 4G subscription and are currently using data heavily for video streaming.

Real-time offers can be triggered then in the following context: recommend a 4G package if the subscriber is determined to have a 4G service available at home location or if Comptel Social Links determined the best next offer. RTD enables an easy orchestration of your data streams into real-time revenue, making complex event processing simple.

What is your recommendation?

Based on the use case and the respective decision making logic, the SoftBlade triggers recommendations, offers and other actions into Campaign Management Systems, customer care, directly to the customer (e.g. through a mobile application, SMS or email) or to service fulfillment (Fulfillment SoftBlades which can activate new product packages). With the EventLink technology, integration to virtually any digital system that can take action is possible.

Enrich with Machine Learning results

EventLink embeds machine-learning capabilities from the Comptel Social Links technology which enriches the machine learning results for the data events processed by EventLink. The results are then used in real-time decisions. The enriched insights include predictive value profile VPR [ˈvʌɪpə], which predicts customer value, potential and value at risk. More advanced capabilities from Comptel Social Links – real-time predictions or stream anomaly detections - are available for decision-making as well.

History and present combined

The SoftBlade uses historical data to make even smarter decision making logics. Data from processed streams and the previously made decisions can be stored and used when improving new use cases. For example, the SoftBlade can create reports from historical location patterns which can then be used as insights for new decision logics. In turn, they serve as an input for simulations based on the past stream data.
Comptel - RTD_map_cropped

Customer Case: Leveraging Real-Time Decisioning

Comptel has a long relationship with Telefónica O2, where they started to use Comptel EventLink for managing traditional billing mediation tasks in their mobile network. The latest expansion is using Eventlink to provide automated and real-time campaigning.

The Comptel solution rates the data usage in near-real time. It monitors the customer accumulated usage and triggers customer notifications when predefined monetary thresholds are reached. The customer notifications include links to the O2 web portal where customer has the possibility to opt for an extra bundle. The customer can set up 5 thresholds (for example 80%, 90%, 100%, 200% and 400%). The thresholds are expressed in Euros. The customer gets a notification when a threshold is reached. BENEFIT: Customer has full control of the mobile data usage.

The Comptel solution provides triggers also for Campaign Management System to inform which offer should be launched to which customer/customer segment. This automates the usage data integration and processing as well as correlation subscription information. If the customer has chosen to opt-in for the extra bundle, for example, the solution keeps tracking the bundle consumption and timely notifies the customer when the bundle is about to be over. BENEFIT: Telefónica has the opportunity to up-sell extra bundles.

The solution tracks for shared data plans, e.g. for family and corporate accounts. The shared data plans also allow customers to use multiple accounts (e.g. smartphone, dongle and iPad).  

Telefonica can launch relevant offers timely for its customers and generate new revenues. The customer has a real-time understanding of his/her mobile data bundle usage which increases customer satisfaction.

Operational Intelligence SOFTBLADE 

Performs service monitoring in real-time and detects any deviations or anomalies in the usage data and services processed by EventLink. 

Comptel - Operational Intelligence module

Sharp and intelligent

The Comptel Operational Intelligence for Mediation solution supercharges EventLink with Social Links to gain access to business critical information: use an insights dashboard to both recover and generate revenues. What's more, prediction, automation and machine learning capabilities are at your fingertips.

Gain the benefits of more intelligent network and business operations to protect revenues by being able to respond quickly to anomalies in customers’ service usage. This is achieved by automatic triggering of early warnings. You will secure smooth network operations and revenue flow and gain competitive edge by better understanding network service behaviour to project the future service usage needs. 

      Main functions

  • business overview of service usage (voice, data, messaging, etc )such as called minutes, down/uploaded volumes, number of SMSs 
  • “Sliding window” time periods and configurable time slots (from 1 day to even up to years) to monitor and manage different lines of businesses efficiently
  • browse and drill down to audit data, such as incoming, outgoing, rejected, and filtered usage events counts. For example, the user can see the total number of events coming in to all the mediation streams on an hourly basis for the past two weeks
  • Analytics-based identification of anomalies in the data flow. Users do not need to browse through different data views regularly, but instead there is an automated function brings the possible issues in the data processing to attention.
  • Prediction capability for future usage events. For example, the solution can show the expected outgoing events volume for the period of one week from the current date.

    Key benefits:

  • Faster access to “sleeping revenue”

  • Operational efficiency through automation

  • Real-time view of different business streams and forecasting

  • Ability to detect anomalies early stage and identify root causes

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Comptel - COIM2_cropped

Customer Case: Leveraging Operational Intelligence

Comptel Tier1 customer in the MEA region wanted to use the Operational Intelligence SoftBlade on top of the EventLink deployment to get a ‘healthy level’ of main KPIs on mediation and the surrounding systems. The second business requirement was to make service predictions based on historical patterns. Thirdly, the customer wanted to have automated anomaly detection for services (voice, mobile data, messaging etc) and an ability to drill-down to details for efficient troubleshooting.

With Comptel solution, the following KPIs are measured in real-time manner:


  • Number of input and output CDRs
  • Number of filtered CDRs
  • Number of rejected CDRs per rejected data store
  • Number of input files collected per every collector/source
  • Number of output files distributed per every distributor/destination


  • Number of input/output files backed up per every backup nodes
  • Average file processing time in minutes per distributor
  • CPU utilisation per every host
  • Memory utilisation per every host


  • Total data consumption
  • Total voice minutes consumed
  • Total top-up amount
  • Number of SMS 
  • Number of MMS 

The customer is also forecasting service usage penetration with the machine learning capabilities of Operational Intelligence. The system raises automatic alerts on anomalies/deviations detected if the service usage level goes beyond configurable thresholds.

Roaming Management SoftBlade

Manage roaming partnership, roaming usage and fraud data with a fast-to-deploy SoftBlade.

The Comptel Roaming Management Softblade processes roaming usage and fraud data, including the related roaming partner management. The benefit of this approach is to provide a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) efficient way of managing roaming events without a need to implement a separate solution. It also provides fully productised components for:

  • full rating capabilities for TAP/RAP/NRTRDE events  (Transferred Account Procedures/Returned Accounts Procedure
    /Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange)
  • the ability to run Inter-perability Testing (IOT) checks
  • roaming lookup configurations
  • Roaming Agreement EXchange (RAEX) and Partner Agreement Management (PAM)

      Roaming Billing Management

  • GSMA standard compliance with extensive ASN.1 handling capabilities and Roaming Agreement Exchange (RAEX) process
  • Supports the entire roaming partner life-cycle: from the setup, implementation, testing and production to the follow-up reports
  • PAM UI for managing roaming partner agreements. Supports both IOT and OP data files, including data and format validation 
  • Visualisation of, for example, the roaming usage traffic per service type (including voice, data, SMS) as well as roaming partner breakdowns and NRTRDE reports for potential fraud
Comptel - RoamingBillingMng

      Roaming Fraud Management

  • GSMA standards compliant solution cuts time to notify roaming partners - reduces fraud losses to a minimum
  • Smart implementation with a configurable data processing logic, versatile record format conversions, built-in error management capabilities, monitoring and statistics
  • Legacy High Usage Report (HUR) processing supported


LTE SoftBlade handles the transformation of the mediation layer, OSS/BSS layer and the data flood from a huge number of LTE network elements.

It provides a customer-centric service experience monitoring to ensure the quality of services and an understanding the service experience from the customer perspective. It provides the following benefits:

  • collecting call trace data from the Evolved Packet Core (EPC)/LTE elements in the radio and core planes processing
  • correlating this data from LTE network elements (eNodeB, MME, SGW, PGW, AS etc) to get a holistic view of the service delivered to the customers
    It provides a customer-centric service experience monitoring to ensure the quality of services and an understanding the service experience from the customer perspective. 
  • seamless integration (online/real-time and offline) and scaling capabilities to process and correlate signaling events.
  • manages all protocol conversions and provides information in the right format, at the right time for the CEM monitoring applications.
  • efficient accumulation of counters
  • enrichment of events with machine-learning results about holistic customer value enabling impact of the network and technology on value, potential and risk of an individual customer

LTE/VoLTE introduces the following key network elements: 
Comptel - LTE

LTE Mobile Data

Comptel manages the data explosion head on. We have demonstrated our capability to adopt and scale flexibly to the immense growth in mobile data traffic. Comptel EventLink has been designed to crunch massive amounts of data events TCO-efficiently. Typically, once a digital and communications service provider has consolidated already 2-3.5G services to Comptel EventLink they see it natural way to go due to proven capabilities and low risk. Comptel has delivered the LTE expansion to mobile data for numerous customers and guaranteed the launch of live LTE services after 1-2 months from the start of the project. Comptel has a massive library of interfaces ready to use with a low deployment effort.

Voice over LTE

VoLTE means more VoLUME, 20-100 fold increase in transactions. 3GPP advocates usage of IMS technologies to implement packet voice and SMS over LTE, referring to the VoLTE initiative. The LTE SoftBlade supports the offline charging requirements for IMS and interfaces out of the box with the new IMS platforms for voice and other services, such as:

  • the Call Session Control Function (CSCF)
  • Border Gateway Control Function (BGCF)
  • Media Gateway Control Function (MGCF)
  • Application Servers (AS)
  • support for Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF), defined by 3GPP 

This set up allows you to integrate with VoLTE streams rapidly and provides support for VoLTE to VoLTE or VoLTE to 2-3G voice (or vice versa) scenarios. Comptel has demonstrated rapid deployments for VoLTE services on top of the existing mediation deployments in a timely fashion.

Complex charging scenario for VoLTE-VoLTE call scenario: 

Comptel - VoLTE

Depending on the market, voice is still globally 60-80% of the digital and communications service providers’ global revenues. We will help you also before moving fully into LTE/IMS (VoLTE), so that you can manage the immense hybrid environment cost-efficiently. Built on top of IMS, VoLTE brings in requirements towards mediation, policy and charging. Comptel can help specifically in the following areas: 

  • Charging of unified multi-service offering for customers, regardless of the underlying access technologies or the charging models applied
  • More innovative charging capabilities with bundling, bonuses and special accounts, such as, family account and monitoring “bucket” usage in real-time
  • Support for hybrid accounts: prepaid and postpaid, corporate and personal
  • Subscriber cost control in real-time to prevent fraud and revenue leakage while increasing cost efficiency
  • Managing subscriber policies depending on, for example, the subscriber’s profile and balance and network capacity
  • Capability to correlate and charge from the information collected from different IMS entities, like AS and S/I/P-CSCF elements
  • Collection and processing of huge amounts of data for Comptel Social Links to improve customer quality of experience and fight customer churn

Business Reporting SoftBlade

Creates insightful and rich business reports from xDR or audit data generated by Comptel EventLink - while processing data events/transactions.

Business Reporting supports modern Big Data technologies, such as Hadoop (Highly Distributable File System), for economical storage of data that is used to create reports/dashboards.

Business Reporting is fully integrated with Comptel EventLink and provides access to the SoftBlade via single-sign-on. All the reporting related management is managed through the EventLink UI.

You get an end-to-end view on usage data, an auditable process for managing exceptions and data processing, a long-term storage of audit data and records and valuable information for business intelligence analysis.
Comptel - Business_reporting
Comptel - Business_Reporting_2

From standard to customised reports

With customised reporting, it is possible to create your own customised charts and reports using iReport Designer, which is a flexible and easy-to-use report creation studio as well as dashboard views with selected reports into it. 

Derive insights from the network, customer and usage data. You can perform queries to get detailed information about the network, services, product usage etc based on the online analytical processing (OLAP) technology. All the while, the SoftBlade displays an integrated view of several reports on the dashboard. Creating and managing the dashboard is easy, since you can just drag and drop the content.

In addition, it is possible to store reusable dashboards in the repository. By bringing together different types of related content on the dashboards, you are able to quickly see the trends from the comprehensive, data-rich dashboards. Combined with the ad-hoc reporting,  you can answer burning business questions on-the-fly and allows you to make prompt and accurate business decisions while encouraging innovations. 

Customer Case: Leveraging ETL and Advanced Business Reporting

Comptel Tier1 customer in the MEA region already  managed all the service streams for fixed/mobile technologies by using Comptel EventLink. The next step was to get a more real-time view of how their customers used different services.

New regulations also demanded that a xDR search functionality has to be implemented. The customer also wanted to understand how services were used by region (voice, data, messaging, VAS etc). This meant that the processed xDRs had to be enriched with real-time location information inherited from the network inventory system.

The Business Reporting SoftBlade is a natural expansion for Big Data ETL (Extract, Load, Transform) and and by default performs business reporting, the customer selected Advanced Reporting. Comptel EventLink taps into different data sources in real-time and offers enriched data (both xDR and Audit data) immediately for reporting purposes.

     The following facts convinced the customer:

  • Ability to create detailed Audit/xDR data reports and charts based on the processed data by Comptel Convergent Mediation
  • ability to enrich xDR data with location information
  • Ability to create dashboards for operational monitoring
  • Interactive Map for viewing report data in geographical context
  • Ability to trigger emails + SNMP traps for anomalies and deviations
    With Comptel solution CSP was cable to achieve business critical reports for voice/top-ups, mobile data and messaging(sms, mms etc). For example, Comptel solution provides rich reports for mobile data usage such as:
  • roaming per continent, postpaid and prepaid separately
  • segregated by postpaid/prepaid per Regions/ Main cities
  • Segregated by device type
  • Segregated by top three device types per Regions/ Main cities
  • Number of data sessions segregated by postpaid/prepaid per Regions/ Main cities
  • Number of data sessions segregated by top three device types per Regions/ Main cities