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Fulfillment SoftBlades

FlowOne Fulfillment SoftBlades™ are individual pre-integrated and proven capabilities of the Fulfillment suite, collectively tailored to create flow intelligence and actions which can be deployed in virtual, physical and hybrid IT environments.

Any combination of these SoftBlades can be leveraged to flexibly build an array of solutions for network and IT transformation.

Comptel - illustrations_FF softblades

Fulfillment SoftBlades are an integrated suite of best-in-class capabilities and functions.

  • Order Management allows service providers to design, configure and execute order delivery processes, offering full visibility of the order process for multiple sales channels.
  • Catalog manages technical decomposition of products and services into deliverable tasks.
  • Service and Resource Inventory and Number Management act as intelligent inventories for managing the required logical, physical and virtual resources required to create and deliver services.
  • Provisioning and Activation controls the automation of all network and service activations.

Mobily estimate that they have saved $95M as a result of moving to the Comptel solution due to increased operational efficiency, which would rate as the most important transformation project in the history of the company.


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Comptel - OM2

Accurately ensures front-office commitments are aligned to back-office delivery capability

Rigorous, consistent, repeatable and reusable processes reduce cost and effort

In-flight order visibility and jeopardy management for heightened customer experience

Order Management

Orchestrating even the most complex order deliveries with ease

Service order management is a critical process in any telecoms operation - without it, no services are delivered and no revenue is generated. It has a major effect, both direct and indirect, on the profitability of the business.
Inefficient order management will produce errors which are costly to fix and which create a poor perception of the business – disastrous in a competitive market. In many cases it doesn't scale to accept high volumes of orders, leaving businesses struggling to capitalise on market success. 
Absence of service order management also tends to make the introduction of new services difficult, and it will block the kind of innovation which draws in new customers; creates new revenues and slows the response to competitor initiatives.

FlowOne Fulfillment - Order Management SoftBlade turns customer orders into delivered services. It manages the delivery of complex orders including people, equipment and services, by automating the process and reducing manual errors. Any sales channel can submit an order, which is automatically assigned to a highly automated order delivery process handling possible deviations, rollbacks or in-flight order changes. Order Management supports multiple sales channels across various network and service technologies.

Service and Resource Inventory

Discovery, Reconciliation and Federation - the essence of network and IT information

For most Communications Service Providers the inventory lies at the heart of their active operations and is instrumental in the accurate delivery of customer services. It can be leveraged by many systems to provide information about the state and availability of resources in the network, and to manage the allocation of resources to new services. Real-time access to accurate inventory information is a must for zero-touch service orchestration and has been proven to be an invaluable contributor to efficient service fulfillment. In the emerging world of SDN and NFV Orchestration, a stateful understanding of dynamic hybrid cloud network and IT is essential.

FlowOne Fulfillment - Service and Resource Inventory Softblade provides a highly flexible inventory management capability, adaptable to changing and converging network technologies. It statefully manages the logical, virtual and physical entities, customer and resource facing services and technical parameters that are needed to fulfil a customer order. The SoftBlade offers built-in discovery and resource reconciliation as part of FlowOne Fulfillment with pre-integration into order management and activation, ensuring that the information held is synchronised with actual services and resources, improving capacity management, fault identification and service fulfillment processes in general.

Comptel - SRI1

Network-aware stateful documentation of logical, physical and virtual resources plus customer and service data


Federated inventory data for maximised inventory agility using recognised standards


Reduced waste and maximised ROI with active reconciliation for consistent and efficient fulfillment

The aim of the project was to build a "best in class" fibre broadband customer service experience delivered off an inventory and fulfilment stack which would meet the fibre build requirements and, over time, become the heart of the copper broadband operations.

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Comptel - illustrations_FF_Cat2

Efficient synchronisation of commercial products with catalog-defined technical services


Faster time-to-market for new products


Quickly tailor and customise products using reusable components for specific offers & targeting


Break it down to build it up - Every great Fulfillment solution is catalog-driven

Too often, commercially available products are linked directly to a technical workflow that implements the service. This practice leads to an unmaintainable and inflexible architecture, which hinders product innovation and time to market. For every change, modification or improvement of a product, the workflow must be modified. The more changes that are made, the lengthier it becomes, and the more unreadable, unmanageable and unviable it is as a practical architectural solution.

FlowOne Fulfillment - Catalog SoftBlade enables rapid product creation and delivery, providing functionality for both a federated Enterprise Service Catalog and a Product Management and Delivery Platform. It allows commercial products to be efficiently designed and delivered with optimal time-to-market and a dramatically reduced chance of errors. It leverages reusable elements of customer and resource facing services to build and quickly adapt to new product requirements, enabling service providers to react faster to market needs. 

Provisioning and Activation

It's time to deliver services for customers - not just network connectivity.

For today's network and IT services, converged technology processes are the norm. Operating different vendor's equipment and multiple technologies in silo-isolation is unrealistic - especially if your business focus is to put the customer at the forefront - instead of your technology. With that focus, automation of an order through to activation needs to be seamless and without errors. Its a simple equation - more silos means more complexity and more cost to maintain and manage.

FlowOne Fulfillment - Provisioning and Activation SoftBlade enables service providers to fully automate the handling of customer orders through to activation of services in the network. It simultaneously supports multiple technologies from the most successful equipment vendors, accurately and efficiently ensuring that customers get the correct services without errors and within the agreed delivery schedules. The same highly configurable SoftBlade can activate mobile, broadband, cable, and PSTN services for consumers and the Enterprise - making it especially useful when providing multi-play services or for operators with converged networks.


Reduce order to activate from days to seconds with effective automation


Highly configurable with over 700 off-the-shelf interfaces to equipment and systems


Widely deployed multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-domain convergent activation

Comptel - CNM1

Unique, accurate and up-to-date number allocation

Reduces time, cost and effort to locate and associate all required numbers to a customer service

Single source of information supports service fulfillment automation

Number Management

Simplifying service complexity with centralized number and identifier accessibility

Today’s networks provide a variety of services to subscribers with identifiers such as numbers, SIM cards, IP addresses, email addresses, SIP addresses, VLAN identifiers and a directory of equipment numbers. When held and managed in multiple locations, guaranteeing number uniqueness, accuracy and availability can be difficult and time consuming. It can also lead to unsuspected shortfalls at critical times during the fulfillment process.

FlowOne Fulfillment - Number Management SoftBlade provides a unique view to the lifecycle of network-wide numbers and identifiers. It stores them in one centralised location that can be easily accessed from other systems saving time and costs associated with maintaining multiple systems and manual sheets of information. The SoftBlade is built on a scalable platform that provides high availability and notifications of number threshold warnings.