Next Best Engagement

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The Right Moment. The Best Channel. The Spot-on Engagement.

With the Next Best Engagement solution, service providers can recommend, predict and automate real-time decisions to define the Next Best Engagement (NBE) at every touch point of the omni-channel customer journey. The solution is pre-integrated with Salesforce and powered by Fastermind™.

Comptel and Salesforce at Mobile World Congress 2017

“85 percent [of customers] say they have abandoned a shopping cart online despite their buying intent.”

Sales trends report 2016
GetApp Lab

“While most customers start their shopping journey online, 69 percent of customers turn to retail stores to complete their purchase.”

U.S. Wireless Purchase Experience Full-Service Performance StudySM
J.D. Power 2016

“Overall, 69 percent of the brands purchased by consumers who switched brands were part of their initial consideration set when they started shopping.”


I Got the Power

The power has shifted from businesses to consumers. The Generation Cloud customers don’t respect brands per se, they respect service that is valuable, delightful and spot-on in their current moment of their digital journeys. With this unpredictable and impatient crowd, you only get one chance to succeed. The next big thing is always just around the corner.

The New Rules of Engagement

The old rules of marketing will ruin the customer experience: pushing the same message to a mass of people is irritating, irrelevant and interrupting. The customer experience must also be stellar regardless of the channel. That is why every marketing engagement needs to take into account where the customer is on her journey and how to engage next. Next Best Engagement, powered by Fastermind™, is the solution that makes all this possible.


Next Best Engagement in Action
Next Best Engagement in Action

The background:
Cross-Channel Customer Journey

Mary is a valued customer of the Operator who wants to improve Mary’s service experience and tap into a great upsell opportunity. Based on her behavior and preferences, The Operator would like to offer the latest flagship model of iPhone to Mary. The offer is coupled with a Gold subscription option to make it more attractive.

Next Best Engagement in Action

  1. Mary likes the combined offer, doesn’t complete the check-out. Next Best Engagement retrieves and stores the incomplete shopping basket from Salesforce for later use.
  2. The next time Mary is downtown, she gets a location based offer for the iPhone, along with a discount on immediate purchase. She goes to the store. Next Best Engagment uses the information from step 1 for this.
  3. Next Best Engagement makes Mary’s whereabouts and her profile available to the Operator’s retail clerk. He’s now ready to provide personalized service to Mary – along with an option to complete the unfinished shopping process.
  4. The special offer in the unfinished shopping cart is shown to Mary who takes up on the offer.  The deal is closed with the right information in right channel!

This is an example of how the service provider can use the existing information in the channel where it is needed at a given situation. It also demonstrates a great upsell oppurtinity and a way to offer the customer what she needs.

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